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Pinjo revealer is a mailproxy placed in front of your mailserver. This way it can investigate all your incoming mail on numerous checks. The heurastic engine build with Spamassassin and the inline viruschecking together with an unrestricted amount of blacklists will provide you a clean mailbox for all your users. Some options and priveleges are: - Heurastic analysis based on SpamAssassin™ - Antirelaying - Mail forwarding and distributing among multiple domains - Real-time blacklist checks - Automatic learning for better Bayesian filtering - Viruschecking - Log file rotation - Enhanced debugging capabilities - Forwarding of spam to alternate mailboxes - Adjustable for almost every antivirus software - Self definable black and whitelists - Advanced statistics - Free support - Free updates - easy configuration via a GUI - attractive pricing and many more configurable options.

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